We're a services company — and we make our reputation by providing stellar service. The embodiment of the company, and its most important asset, is its people.
   Integrity, professionalism and a sincere desire to acheive our customers' goals are the principles that govern our actions.
Northwest Helpdesk is comprised of a small group of very talented people...
   Graphic artists, Technical writers, Animators, Vocalists, Musicians, Recording Engineers, Video Post-production Artists, HTML Programmers, DSL Technicians, Computer Networking Specialists, Digital Signage Producers, Computer Repair Technicians and Business Software Trainers.
   All team members have years of field experience in their chosen specialty. This unique assemblage of artists and technicians has helped hundreds of offices, businesses & sole proprietors across the country become more successful through better training, understanding and use of their existing technologies and communications media.
   In 1992, two close friends and business partners with loads of technical and creative abilites established a multimedia studio in a small downtown loft. They offered touch-screen kiosk services, digital imaging, visual arts, voice-over and custom audio/video production services.
   The team has since evolved, grown, establsed a wealth of new associations, adapted, & continously learns new technologies. Our list of technical and creative offerings continues to grow.
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